Malaysia: Bibles treated as controlled substances

| Saturday, March 26, 2011 | |
Malaysia: Christians protest policies that treat distribution of Bibles as if they were controlled substances

by Marisol

That is exactly how Malaysian authorities are proceeding: the content of the Bible is now a controlled substance. Which is easier to score in Malaysia nowadays -- hydrocodone or a shipment of Malay-language Bibles?

Once again, Qur'an 29:46 does say "Our Allah and your Allah is One, and unto Him we surrender," but it is a talking point for Islamic proselytizing, and a one-way line of discourse in a manner in which a non-Muslim would be prohibited from preaching to a Muslim under Islamic law.

The intention of this Islamic supremacist game is twofold: first, as always, there is the general desire to remind unbelievers who's boss. But if Malay-speaking Christians relent and cede their right to the name of God in their own language, it will also make it that much easier for Muslims to portray them as polytheists, creating excuses for further hostility and oppression.



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