The Middle East's Christian Onslaught

| Thursday, January 20, 2011 | 0 comments |
by IPT News

Church bombings kill scores in Iraq, Nigeria and Egypt. Iran rounds up dozens of Christians for allegedly being "hard-liners" who threaten the Islamic republic. An Egyptian police officer opens fire on a crowded train, targeting only the Christian passengers.

For a region that boasts of accommodating its Christian minorities, officials seem at a loss to stem the surge in violence.

Officials have tried to cast the train shooting, which killed a 71-year-old Coptic Christian man and wounded four other Copts, as the actions of a disturbed individual and not motivated by religion. "It has to do with his personal mental state," the local governor said. "It had nothing to do with the religion of his victims. He boarded the train suddenly and emptied his pistol."

But a witness claims that the gunman screamed "Allahu Akhbar" as he opened fire, and that he targeted women who were not wearing head coverings and were likely to be non Muslims.


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EU School Children Diary Omits Christian Holidays

by David Sapsted

LONDON // The European Union was condemned yesterday for producing 3.2 million copies of a children's diary for 2011 that ignores all Christian holidays.

The diary, which cost 5 million euros (Dh24.6m) to produce and is distributed to pupils at 21,000 secondary schools throughout the EU, does contain the dates of Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Chinese and Sikh religious holidays.

Christian groups in France, Poland and Italy have all lodged complaints with the executive body of the EU, the European Commission, which annually produces the diary. There is no mention in it of Christmas, Easter or any other Christian holiday.