Protester defaces U.S. flag as Democrats celebrate Communism

| Thursday, December 1, 2011 | 0 comments |
by Robert Moon

The violent, degenerate lawlessness of the left's fake union rent-a-mobs (see here, here and here) hysterically rioting against Wall Street all across the country have not been enough to deter the Democratic Party from enthusiastically endorsing their openly Communist agenda any more than their bigoted racial attacks on anyone who dares to support the free market and the Constitution.

And neither has the fact that this entire Astro-turf "movement" is based on two outrageous partisan lies--one about why the economy tanked in the first place and the other about how much "the rich" (those who create all the jobs in this country) pay in taxes, compared to everyone else. But you would think that once they began defecating on police cars and even U.S. flags (see photo), Democrats in office would at least temporarily put the slobbering love affair on hold.

You would be mistaken. When Democrat power is on the line, there is nothing these "post-partisan" champions of "civility" and "tolerance" won't throw under the bus. Nothing.

Unions, Hollywood celebrities, the "news media" and even elected Democrats including Obama and Pelosi continue not only defending, lying for and publicly embracing these tantrum-throwing Marxist fanatics, but now they are even calling them "patriotic" and organizing petitions to support them.

Leftist mobs rioting in the streets against job-creators for daring to succeed and make money. Welcome to "the change we need."