Greek Communists Organize Demonstrations

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by Greek Communist Party (KKE) website
“The large majority of the workers, of the people must declare this to the power of capital: We do not believe whatever you tell us. We are regrouping to win small and big battles and ultimately the war.” Aleka Papariga stressed this amongst other things when speaking to a mass and dynamic rally of the KKE on the evening of 25/5 in the city of Larissa.

The GS of the CC of the party underlined that today more dynamic and better-planned working class and popular struggles are needed, as well as small and big victories. But it should be clear that we must wage a struggle which will lead to the overthrow of the power of the monopolies.

Earlier, in an interview with the radio station “Real Fm”, Aleka Papariga answering a question in relation to the attempts on the 25/5 in various Greek cities for mobilizations to be organized like those which are taking place in Spain, noted amongst other things that:

“ We, because of our nature as a party, always look sympathetically on – and I tell you this in all sincerity- attempts by people to find a way to express themselves. The spontaneous always exists and chiefly develops when there simultaneously exists conscious political activity- the spontaneous never operates in a vacuum.


Greece Endures Another Day of Protests

by Cuba’s Prensa Latina
Athens, May 30 (Prensa Latina) Greece witnessed on Monday another day of protests against further cuts that the Government intends to implement in exchange for the rescue package of the European Union and the IMF.

Convened by the unions, hundreds of workers from the OTE telecommunications company took to the streets on Monday to reject the privatization plans that the adjustment contemplates.

Also, the bank workers went on strike for 24 hours as a demonstration against the relief package, which is currently being analyzed by parliament.

The new austerity measures proposed by the Executive last April seek to raise about 23 billion euros by 2015 with the privatization of state enterprises and the sale of public assets.

The rescue package of the EU and the IMF amounts to 110 billion euros and was granted in May 2010 in exchange for the imposition of severe and unpopular internal adjustments.

Over 100,000 people, mostly youths, protested in the capital and other cities over the weekend to condemn the new government plans to reduce the fiscal deficit.