Top 10 Political Lies of 2010

| Friday, January 7, 2011 | |
by Larry Elder
1. Ninety-five percent of "working families" received a tax cut.

2. The General Motors bailout "worked."

3. ObamaCare will "bend the cost curve down."

4. The tea party is "racist."

5. The $800 billion "stimulus" funded millions of "shovel-ready" jobs.

6. Stimulus "saved or created" 3.5 million jobs.

7. There is a "consensus," according to the White House website, that the stimulus plan "pulled us back from the brink of economic disaster."

8. The 111th Congress was the "most productive" since -- pick one -- the New Deal, LBJ's Great Society or the beginning of the republic.

9. Bush-era "deregulation" caused the Gulf oil spill.

10. Guantanamo Bay will be shut down in 2010.



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