Yet another alarmist is nearly killed by global warming hysteria

| Wednesday, December 29, 2010 | |
by Andrew Bolt

Tom Smitheringale ... was on his way to the North Pole, alone, when he fell through an ice sheet. He was close to death when he was miraculously rescued by Canadian soldiers… He wrote on his website: ”Had a bad fall into the ice today and came very close to the grave.”

He’s been in constant strife from the cold: Last week he almost quit after excruciating frostbite in his fingers and thumbs forced him to call in an emergency rescue.

Smitheringale had intended, in fact, to demonstrate we’re in the grip of global warming: Part of the reason Tom’s One Man Epic is taking place now is because of the effect that global warming is having on the polar ice caps… Some scientists have even estimated that the polar ice cap will have entirely melted away by 2014!

Not much sign of the Arctic melting away any time soon, In fact, it’s now clear that more people in the Arctic are threatened by their global warming hysteria than by global warming itself.



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