The dirty little secret about the 'N' word

| Sunday, December 19, 2010 | |
by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

The dirty little secret is that most black people don't care about the "N" word. They wouldn't bat an eye if they heard another black person use it. They're not affected by it and don't find it offensive. But they'll be ready to march and riot if they hear a white person using it. Now we're getting to the truth.

Many blacks today use the word to refer to one another in play or anger – both in public and behind closed doors. They also make excuses as to why they use it by saying it's a term of "camaraderie" or "we're taking away the power of the word to hurt" or that "blacks own that word." Pure nonsense!

Recently, black activists and rappers joined left-wing groups such as calling for an unwarranted boycott of Fox News Channel for alleged "racism." Instead, shouldn't these people boycott Jesse Jackson for referring to an entire race of people as "n----rs"?

They would if the word really meant something to them.



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