Michigan School District Halts Bible Distribution

| Sunday, November 14, 2010 | |
by Katherine T. Phan

A school district in southern Michigan is stopping a longstanding practice of allowing the Gideons to distribute Bibles in the hallways of its elementary school after a parent complained to the district's superintendent.

Jonesville Community Schools will no longer allow Bibles to be made accessible at a table in Williams Elementary School.

Superintendent Mike Potts told The Christian Post on Tuesday that the district is not taking a stand on whether Bibles are right or wrong but simply following regulations as a government agency.

"We cannot condone the passing any literature of that nature regardless of who's passing it out," said Potts.

For many years, the Gideons had been allowed to set up a table in the school hallway and allow students to pick up the Bibles, according to Potts. The latest distribution occurred on Wednesday and by Friday, Potts had made the decision to end the practice after consulting with the district's attorney.

"Had I been aware of the practice it would have stopped sooner," Potts said.



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